USGO Varsity/JV National Qualifying Exam Locations
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The above map shows a listing of all sites where the USGO Nationals Qualifying Exam is administered for the Varsity and Junior Varsity Divisions. Without exception, all dots correspond to a Regional or State tournament for The National History Bee and Bowl. The Exam is almost always given during the lunch break of the tournaments; click on a dot to see when you must arrive if you are not also competing in the History Bee and/or Bowl. Also, note that you may take the Exam up to 3 times, as long as it is a different version. A different version will be administered at tournaments listed as "A Set", "B Set", and "C Set" - click on a tournament to see what Set will be used there.

News & Announcements

The US Geography Olympiad has finished its 2015 calendar year on a high note: at the 2015 Lower Hudson tournament on Dec. 19, we saw both a record number of students taking the National Qualifying Exam (54) and the second highest score so far this year – a 94 from  [ Read More ]

The US Geography Olympiad is delighted to announce the debut of its 2015-16 competition season throughout the USA! As was the case last school year, we will once again be offering USGO at four separate age ranges: Elementary (6th grade and younger), Middle School (7th-8th grade), Junior Varsity (born on  [ Read More ]

USGO Note: Mahit Vaddadi was one of the four students from the USA who attended the 2015 International Geography Olympiad, held in Russia. These are some thoughts about the competition in his own words, that took the form of a Facebook post to his fellow iGeo participants from around the  [ Read More ]

The United States was well-represented at the 12th International Geography Olympiad in the Tver Region of Russia, bringing home two gold medals from the competition. Participants from 40 countries from across the globe took part in the week-long competition, which tested the geographic knowledge and mapping abilities of students aged  [ Read More ]

The United States Geography Olympiad held its inaugural Middle School and Elementary Division National Championships in Louisville, KY on Friday, May 22. Congratulations to all our champions and to everyone who competed! Middle School National Champion: John Phipps, Middlesex Middle School, Darien, CT Elementary National Champion: Rohil Bhinge, Nysmith School,  [ Read More ]

The US Geography Olympiad held its 2015 National Championships on Friday, April 24 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA. Over 180 students competed (a 25% increase from the previous year) and after 4 rounds of quiz bowl competition and 2 challenging exams, our champions were: Varsity – Kevin  [ Read More ]

The US Geography Olympiad 2015 Varsity and Junior Varsity National Championships deadline has been extended through Monday, April 13 at 11:59pm EDT. After that, there is no guarantee you will be admitted to the draw. Likewise, any students taking a proctored National Qualifying Exam as a last chance to qualify  [ Read More ]

The US Geography Olympiad National Median Scores for the A Set Version of the National Qualifying Exam have now been posted. Students who scored above a 60.5 in the Varsity Division or 62 or better in the Junior Varsity Division qualify for the National Championships. There were 4 students who  [ Read More ]

The Official National Median Scores for all versions of the USGO National Qualifying Exam have been calculated and are posted below. If you score exactly at or above these values, then you qualify for the USGO National Championships automatically. The Official National Median Score for A Set will be posted  [ Read More ]

A quick but important update regarding the Elementary and Middle School National Championships on May 22 in Louisville, KY. The competition will take place on Friday morning and conclude by 1pm, and not take place in the afternoon and evening as previously thought. Please book tickets to arrive on Thursday  [ Read More ]